Meet our April Patient of the Month - Joe!

Sleep Study Carrollton Texas

“I snore, did not think I did, but I do. The wonderful people at Dental Studio of Carrollton had a sleep study done for me. They did everything. I quit breathing about 50 times an hour.

Dr. Krishan fitted me with an oral appliance that holds my jaws open when I sleep so I get more oxygen. I am not getting more sleep, I get better sleep. No more waking up tired or exhausted. I have more pleasant dreams and wake up less during the night.

Dr. Krishan caught this right before I had to start using a CPAP machine. If you snore or been told you snore, have a sleep study done. It is well worth it. “

If you or someone you love snores - come visit us for a sleep study! You deserve to sleep better, breathe better, and live better!